Amend your existing online application

If you’ve recently applied for your first direct mortgage online and wish to make any amendments to your application, you’re able to change the following online:

  • loan amount
  • mortgage term
  • mortgage type (i.e. change from offset to repayment only)
  • interest rate (e.g. change from fixed, tracker or standard variable)

In order to make amendments, you’ll need to:

1. Use our ‘Find a mortgage for you’ tool to find the mortgage you would now wish to change to – remembering to select ‘Amending an existing application’ in the ‘I am..’ field.

2. Once you’ve selected the mortgage, you’ll then need to click on ‘Full details’, followed by ‘How to Apply’.

3. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Please Note: You'll need to complete a new mortgage application if you want to make any other amendments to your online mortgage application or if your application was submitted over five months ago. If you do not wish to amend your interest rate, but cannot find the interest rate you originally applied for, please call us on 03 456 100 103.

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Important Notes

first direct Offset Mortgages are interest only mortgages. The monthly payments shown on the next screen will cover only the interest charged on your mortgage.

This payment does not cover an amount that you need to pay to a repayment strategy. You are responsible for making your own arrangements to repay your mortgage at the end of the mortgage term.

You must demonstrate that you have a suitable repayment strategy in place. You may choose to use an endowment policy or another investment or savings plan.

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Mortgage & rate types

Whether you’re a first time buyer, remortgaging (that's staying in the same house, but changing your provider), or moving home, we've created a range of mortgages for you.

We offer Repayment and Offset Mortgages with Fixed, Tracker and Standard Variable rates available on both.

Types of mortgage

  Fixed Tracker Standard variable
Interest Type Fixed Variable Variable

Fixed means the interest rate stays the same for a specified period of time. Variable means the rate can change.

Is interest calculated daily? Yes Yes Yes

The interest chargeable on the outstanding mortgage balance is calculated every day rather than at the end of each week, month or year.

Can I make unlimited lump sum payments or overpayments without incurring charges? Yes Yes Yes

A lump sum payment is a one off payment made by you to reduce the outstanding balance on your mortgage.

Regular overpayments are when you choose to make a larger monthly repayment on your mortgage than is required under the mortgage terms.

Is there an Early Repayment Charge? Yes No No

An Early Repayment Charge is a fee you may have to pay if you choose to fully repay your mortgage early.

Early Repayment Charges do not apply to first direct mortgages if you choose to make overpayments or lump sum payments.

If you take a fixed rate mortgage and you repay the whole of your mortgage during the fixed rate period an Early Repayment Charge will apply. This charge is calculated at 3% of the original mortgage amount during the first year of the fixed rate period and 2% of the original mortgage amount if the mortgage is repaid in full and closed in each subsequent year of the fixed rate period.

If you choose to repay your mortgage after the fixed rate period has ended, no Early Repayment Charge will apply.

Each amount of an Early Repayment Charge will be displayed on both your Key Facts Illustration and Mortgage Offer Document, which you will receive should you decide to progress with a mortgage application.

Is there an extended tie in period? No No No

Some lenders require that you keep your mortgage with that lender for a period of time after the fixed or tracker rate period has ended. If you move your mortgages elsewhere during this tie-in period, you may have to pay an Early Repayment Charge.

Can I ‘port’ my loan if I move home? Yes Yes Yes

The term used to describe transferring your current first direct rate from one property to another when you buy and sell property simultaneously. This may be available subject to your individual status, first direct's lending criteria at the time of your application and the terms and conditions of your mortgage offer.

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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