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Amend an existing application

Amend an existing application

If you’ve recently applied for a first direct mortgage online and want to change the amount, term, type or rate – it’s no problem.

Go to our ‘Find the mortgage for you’ tool and ‘Amending an existing application’ will be selected for you in the ‘I am..’ field.

Enter your new details into the remaining fields and choose your mortgage from the results by selecting ‘Full details’. Then follow the on-screen instructions. By doing this you skip some of the pages that you already completed during your original application.

Please Note: You'll need to complete a new mortgage application if you want to make any other changes to your online mortgage application or if your application was submitted more than five months ago. If you don’t want to amend your interest rate, but can’t find the interest rate you originally applied for, please call us on 03 456 100 103.


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