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Mortgages types and rates

Our three types of interest rates

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fix your interest rate for an agreed time for example 2 or 5 years, so you know exactly what you’re paying each month.

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Tracker Rate Mortgages

Your interest rate will be set at an agreed percentage above the Bank of England Base Rate – your interest rate will change if and when the Bank of England adjusts the Base Rate.

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Standard Variable Rate Mortgages

Your interest rate is set by us and may vary from time to time, over the life of the mortgage.

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We have two types of mortgages

Repayment Mortgages

Simple and straightforward – if you keep up to date with your required monthly repayments this makes sure both the interest and money you’ve borrowed are paid off by the end of the mortgage term.

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Interest only Offset Mortgages

Offset Mortgages are only available to existing Offset Mortgage customers. Link your savings and current account(s) to your mortgage and only pay the interest on the difference. For example, if your mortgage is £150k but your savings are £30k, you’ll only pay interest on £120k.

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