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How much can you borrow?

How much can you borrow?

Amount you can borrow £0

Important information

The figures in this tool are to give you an idea and don’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to lend you that amount.

Why choose first direct for your mortgage?

The perfect mortgage looks different to everyone, that's why we offer a range of mortgage types and rates. Whichever first direct mortgage you choose, we could help you feel right at home:

  • mortgage advisers available 7 days a week
  • you could get an agreement in principle that lasts 6 months, sorted in a 30-minute phone call
  • fee-free valuation (Fee Saver mortgages available, too)
  • mortgage terms up to 40 years
  • if you already have a mortgage with us, you can take your first direct mortgage with you when you move house (known as porting)
  • view your mortgage balance on the first direct App
  • make unlimited overpayments on a first direct mortgage.

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Interest rate change calculator

A handy tool to see how interest rate changes are likely to affect what your monthly payments are.

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Offset Mortgage calculator

How much interest you could save by offsetting your current account and savings against your mortgage?

Try our Offset Mortgage calculator

Overpayment calculator

Regular overpayments will mean you pay less overall, and pay off your mortgage quicker – find out how much with our overpayments calculator.

See our overpayments calculator

Jargon buster

There’s a lot of jargon around mortgages – this guide should help.

See our jargon buster

Find the mortgage for you

Our mortgage types

What’s the difference between a Repayment Mortgage and an Offset Mortgage? Should you go for a Tracker or a Fixed Rate?

Guide for buyers

We’ve got useful information for every kind of homebuyer – from first timers to old pros.

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