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At a glance

Different fees apply depending on the interest rate type you choose - but here’s a simple summary. If you’re new to mortgages and there are any terms you don’t understand, take a look a look at our jargon buster for simple explanations.

Fee type Fixed Tracker
Booking fee
£0 - £490 £0
Arrangement fee
£0 £0 - £490

Early Repayment Charges

You might have to pay an Early Repayment Charge if you fully repay your mortgage early.

If you take a Fixed Rate Mortgage and you repay the whole of your mortgage during the Fixed period, an Early Repayment Charge will be charged at 3% of the original mortgage amount during the first year and 2% of the original amount if the mortgage is closed after that during the Fixed Rate Period.

If you choose to repay your mortgage after the Fixed Rate Period has ended, an Early Repayment Charge won’t apply.

The amount of any Early Repayment Charge will be shown on your Mortgage Illustration, which you may receive if you decide to proceed with a mortgage application.

Legal fees

These are the fees payable to your solicitor or licensed conveyancer. first direct will also need a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to act on behalf of the bank. If your appointed solicitor / licensed conveyancer meets our criteria then we will appoint them to act on behalf of the bank. If not, first direct will instruct another solicitor. The borrower is responsible for these fees.

Limited Edition

Mortgages from our Limited Edition range are available for a limited period and normally come with their own fees and interest rates. Our Limited Edition mortgages are in addition to our Standard and Fee Saver range.

Remortgage fees

If you are remortgaging a property in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales then in addition to arrangement fees and/or booking fees you will need to pay for a valuation. However, first direct will pay for any enquiry fees to your previous lender, money transmission fees and Land Registry fees.

If you are changing the owner(s) of the property you're Remortgaging you will need to pay for the associated legal costs that come with this.

Where the mortgage and property will both continue to be in the same names and the property will be your main residence, we will prepare the legal documentation. This means that there will be no basic solicitors costs for you to pay. However you will not have any legal representation unless you arrange and pay for it yourself.

If you are transferring your mortgage to first direct from another mortgage provider, they may charge an Early Repayment Charge if you are moving during a fixed rate or "tied-in" period.

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