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Next steps in your application

Here are the steps you can expect to follow when either borrowing more, moving your mortgage to us or buying a property.

Start your application

Give us a call or apply online using our find the mortgage for you tool.

If you apply online you’ll need to fill in some details and then we’ll call you back.
If you apply on the phone we can get all of this information from you there and then and should be able to give you an Agreement in Principle right there on the phone.

Get an Agreement in Principle

During your first phone call with us we’ll go through eligibility and an affordability assessment with you. And we should be able to give you with an Agreement in Principle (AIP) right there on the phone.

If not, we might need to contact you later to check a few things. In this case we’ll let you know as soon as our decision has been made.

The AIP process takes into account your income and outgoings so have these details to hand and you’ll need to be somewhere you can openly share this personal information over the phone:

  • Income
  • Credit, store or charge card balances
  • Loans (both sole and joint applicants)
  • Car Leases
  • Pensions
  • School Fees
  • Childcare
  • Divorce settlement payments

We’ll tell you which documents you need to send us to support your application

Mortgage appointment – agreeing your mortgage rate

After we’ve received the documents we need from you, we’ll call you to arrange a phone appointment with one our lovely Mortgage Advisers. They’ll be able to help you find the perfect mortgage for you.

Once you’ve agreed on a deal you’ll be able to secure your mortgage rate over the phone. With some mortgages you may need to pay a booking fee to do this. These are non-refundable but you can transfer booking fees over to a new deal.

Property valuation

We’ll get a professional valuation of the property you want to buy, making sure it’s suitable for a mortgage. Depending on the type of valuation you choose, this could also show anything that might be wrong on the property.

The valuation company will contact the seller to arrange a suitable time for their valuation. It normally all takes around two weeks.

Your mortgage documents

Once your Mortgage has been approved we’ll send you all your documentation in the post. Keep them safe.

The legal bits

You’ll need to get a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to help with all your legal stuff.

When we give you your Mortgage Offer, your legal team will get in touch to ask you for any extra information they need. They’ll then deal with all the legal bits of your sale, including researching the property and dealing with the seller’s legal team on your behalf.

This can take between two and six weeks, though sometimes it can be longer.

When you and your solicitor are both happy to proceed, you’ll sign contracts and the solicitors will exchange them. The deposit your solicitor is holding for you will be transferred to the seller’s solicitor, ready for completion. If you’d like an update, it’s always best to contact your solicitor or licensed conveyancer, as we’ll also be waiting to hear from them in order to complete your Mortgage application.

Then you’ll get a transfer deed, naming you as the new legal landowner.

Your mortgage completion date

We’ll open your mortgage account and send the money to your solicitor.

Pick up the keys

You’re all done and ready to move in. Remember, lift with your legs, not with your back.

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