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Repayment Mortgages

A simple, straightforward mortgage

Every month, your payments cover the interest you owe and a little of the money you borrowed. As time goes by and your overall debt gets smaller, the amount you owe in interest reduces, so more of your monthly payment goes towards paying off the money you borrowed.

Key features

  • borrow a minimum of £10,000 over 2 to 40 years
  • if you keep up-to-date with payments, you’ll be mortgage-free at the end of the term
  • you can make unlimited overpayments whenever you like, which can help save money on interest and mean you’ll pay off your mortgage faster – but Early Repayment Charges may apply.

Things to bear in mind

  • Early repayment charges may apply if you choose to fully repay your mortgage, depending on your interest rate
  • we don’t lend for business purposes or Buy to Let.

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