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Existing mortgage customers

We’re here to help you with your mortgage. On our App or over the phone. Day or night.

Switching your rate

If your current rate is ending in the next 180 days, you could switch to a new rate and avoid Early Repayment Charges.

Switch your mortgage

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Moving house

Make moving house easier by taking your existing mortgage with you using our ‘porting’ service.

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Borrow more

If you're thinking about borrowing more money against your property, we might be able to help you.

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Check your balance

Download our App on compatible devices and check your balance wherever and whenever you want.

Make unlimited Overpayments

You could reduce the amount of interest you pay, reduce your monthly payments, or even pay your mortgage off earlier. Read our Early Repayment Charges page first.

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Worried about payments?

We all fall on hard times. That’s why our specialist team is on hand to help those in tricky situations.

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Your mortgage details

To find out more about your existing first direct mortgage, chat to us via our App or Online Banking.

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Pay off your mortgage

To pay off your mortgage in full, or re-mortgage with another provider you’ll need a redemption statement.

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Anything else?

We understand that mortgages can be complicated. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

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The Bank of England base rate and your mortgage

Changes to the Bank of England base rate may impact your mortgage repayments.

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