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Important Notes

first direct Offset Mortgages are interest only mortgages. The monthly payments shown on the next screen will cover only the interest charged on your mortgage.

This payment does not cover an amount that you need to pay to a repayment vehicle. You are responsible for making your own arrangements to repay your mortgage at the end of the mortgage term

You must demonstrate that you have a suitable repayment vehicle in place. You may choose to use an endowment policy or another investment or savings plan.

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Use this tool to find and compare first direct mortgages that may be available to you. Please ensure you read the Key Facts PDF download about our mortgage service. This information does not include all of the details that you need to choose a mortgage. Make sure you read the separate Key Facts Illustration Help before you make a decision.

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Follow these easy steps to start your online mortgage application:

  1. Search our range of mortgages to find and compare the ones available to you.
  2. Choose a mortgage that suits your needs.
  3. Select “Apply” to start your application or existing first direct mortgage customers please call 08 456 100 103 to switch your deal, or 08 456 100 236 for additional borrowing.

Things to consider

There are a few things to consider when looking at the mortgage results shown above:

  • you should only use the monthly payment calculations we've shown as a guide. We've based these on the information you entered into the calculator
  • our calculations don't include any costs or charges apart from those indicated within the calculator. They do not constitute a loan application, an offer of finance or loan approval to any existing first direct facility
  • please make sure you use the actual purchase price where asked for the purchase price and a conservative estimate when asked for the property value. The actual LTV (to be used by first direct) will be confirmed as part of the application process
  • we reserve the right to withdraw products at any time without notice
  • please make sure you read the Key Facts PDF download
  • Our downloads are in a PDF format, to read them you'll need to have Adobe Reader 4.0™ or above. It's free and you can get Adobe Reader here (opens in a new window).

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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